Jim O'Brien's Tour Divide

An Adventure in the West (part 1)

First two weeks - June 9 to June 22, 2015

Day 1 - Leaving Banff was the easy part.

Those hills didn't look so steep in the pictures

9:59AM, 6h48m, 62.4 miles, 4,814 ft of climbing

Day 2 - Tires and Helmets

First Divide pass and a shaky set of tires

7:10am, 9h48m, 52.3 miles, 2,490 ft of climbing

Day 3 - Fixing the Bike and shedding gear

Another short ride and then some maintenance

7:16am, 3h30m, 30.7 miles, 1,562 ft of climbing

Day 04 - Stream or Trail??

Two passes then "...shooting guns and blowing stuff up"

7:02am, 7h56m, 72.8 miles, 4,557 ft of climbing

Day 5 - Cabin Pass, The Wall (WTF) and Galton Pass

Last day in Canada and it's a good one

7:39am, 7h40m, 59.8 miles, 4,548 ft of climbing

Day 6 - Whitefish Pass and Red Meadow Lake

Now I know why you don't use tubes

5:57am, 10h3m, 94.7 miles, 5,833 ft of climbing

Day 07 - A flat 40 miles to a nice B&B

A partial rest, laundry and an easy 47 including an extra 4

11:38am, 3h55m, 47.3 miles, 986 ft of climbing

Day 08 - Grizzly Country and climbs just for fun

Tough climbs, a nice ride until washboard - great setting at the end

left at 8:39am, 8h24m, 71.8 miles, 5,697 ft of climbing

Day 9 - Coming around the mountain

Circling Richmond Peak and a huge save

8:45 AM, 8h49m, 60.34 miles, 5,574 ft of climbing

Day 10 - Big climbing day

Walk the last pass - camp when it gets dark

6:55 AM, 15h10m, 86.70 miles, 8,000 ft of climbing

Day 11 - Helena and a rest day on N. Davis St

Trail magic, great breakfast, like new tires and a derailleur-hanger

5:57am, 1h 6m, 15.9 miles, 262 ft of climbing

Day 12 - Rocks, Roots and Missed Buses

Paying for wrong turns

6:56 AM 13h 54m 80.0mi 7,970ft of climbing

Day 13 - Rerouting to Jim's Tour Divide

Chocolate Milk at Great Divide Outfitters

8:45 AM, 8h 57m, 50.60 miles, 2,960 ft of climbing

Day 14 - Stretching it out and covering ground

What about this road by the reservoir?

6:23am, 11h 21m, 105 miles, 4,188 ft of climbing

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