Stockholm and Copenhagen

July 7 to 14, 2017

Our trip to Scandinavia was the result of a friend inviting us to join her daughter and her on a bike trip in Europe. We decided to try the Backroads Sweden to Denmark Bike Tour.

Stockholm - walking around and seeing the city

We arrived on Friday morning and we able to get some sleep before taking a walk into old town and then up above the city. We also spent time On Saturday we had a nice walk around Djurgården an island in the harbor with a zoo and many historical structures. We skipped the ABBA museum but did go into the Vasa museum which houses the only almost fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged, the 64-gun warship Vasa that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. Yes - amazingly this giant boat sank after traveling a few km into the harbor.

Faringso and the king's summer palace

Our first day with the backroads tour. We rolled our bags over to the Grand Hôtel Stockholm and were taken by bus to meet our bikes and trip leaders. We started near an 11th century church and cycled around very pretty countryside in Färingsö. The roads were a bit up and down but we are learning that Stockholm's archipelago only varies in height by 200 feet or so. We ended our ride at the King's summer palace, Drottningholm, and took a ferry back to Stockholm.



Water taxi, ferries and biking

Day 2 - This morning we were greeted by the colorful captain of our private water taxi docked at the pier right outside our hotel. We begin our exploration of the Stockholm archipelago, made up of some 30,000 islands and islets spreading east from Stockholm into the Baltic Sea. We disembarked in the tiny hamlet of Hemmesta.

The water taxi was a nice way to get to the start. We had two ferry crossing as we made our way back to Voxholm. We stopped for lunch at a local home in Resarö and then continued across and around a number of islands before reaching Karlsudd Point. At this point we choose the optional loop which took us into some nice forests and added an extra 8 miles or so. On the ride back into town I did some acrobatics down into a gully. For dinner we walked the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan to a favorite local restaurant in Stockholm's old town. We spent a 2nd night at the Grand Hôtel Stockholm which really was grand!!

From the back of the water taxi on Monday morning
One of the forts guarding the entrance from the Baltic Sea


Leaving Stockholm and heading south

"Day 3 started with a 45 min bus shuttle to Botkyrka Golfklubb. This took us 20 miles or so SW of Stockholm. We set out on our bikes, pedaling winding roads through farmland and forests with sweeping views across the fjords. We rode 22 miles to Tullgarn Palace. After lunch we head another 9 Miles. We ended our journey in the seaside town of Trosa, known in Sweden as the "World's End.". We settled into our new hotel, Hotell Bomans, before venturing out to explore the town and stopping for ice cream. We had a nice dinner at the hotel's restaurant.

Looking out from the Tullgarn Palace where we stopped for lunch
AN end of day toast for a job well done


Ride in the morning and then take the train (2 actually)

We got an early start from the world's end (Trosa) and had a nice morning ride out to Nynäs Castle & Nature Reserve where stopped for a break. We proceeded to Svärdsklova which was out on the tip of a penninsula. From there on a clear day you could probably see Latvia. (170 miles)

Kathy riding thru a beautiful field of flax
The road cruised along the edge of the Baltic Sea most of the day.


Riding out and back to Frederiksborg Castle

Copenhagan is the capital city of bike commuting. There are bike lanes everywhere and we were told that 60% of the people bike to work. We started the day slightly out of town in a small park. We then proceeded for about 10 miles along a bike path following the sea between Denmark and Sweden. We then turned inland to very quiet roads and more bike paths. We ended the morning at Frederiksborg Castle which is a "real castle" with moat and village each playing their part.

We came around a corner after leaving a small village and "wow" there it is.
In the courtyard behind the castle

A walking tour of Copenhagen

All over town and a double rainbow to end our trip

We walked with a local all over town in the morning and then took a scenic boat ride around Copenhagen Harbor going past the Little Mermaid statue along the way. In the afternoon we headed over to the Marriott Copenhagen which was on the harbor. Dinner was at a local pizza place called mother. It rained most of the afternoon and we were presented with a rainbow that lasted close to an hour.

We came around a corner after leaving a small village and "wow" there it is.
The little mermaid statue. Not the cartoon character.

Backroads Stockholm and Copenhagen map

Map of the trip