Hara, Malawi, Africa

June 26 to July 2, 2016

Arriving in Chiluba, Karonga District

Meeting the people of Maji Zuwa, Water and Sun Resort

My trip to Malawi was a number of years in the making. I've been supporting a program where UD sends students to this area for the past few years. Our local host, Matt Maroon, is in the process of building a high school to go along with the already significant development he has done. Determined to Develop is a remarkable story that I was privileged to see the progress they're making.

Our first morning we visited the school site before also seeing a number of different schools in the area.
This was lunch time at the kindergarten

Community Day in Sangilo Village, Chiluba, Karonga District

Meeting with the chief

This is the residence building at Maji Zuma. It will house visiting volunteers and workers.
This is small sample of the people from around Chilumba who came to celebrate Community Day

Malawi Map

Map of the trip

Full size map