C&O to the GAP Trail and back to DC

May 12 to 15, 2015

Going up the Potomac River along C&O Trail to the Great Allegheny Passage

Route from DC to Pittsburgh - I rode to the Big Savage Tunnel just past Frostburg

First days - Got to the river and went 100 miles. Second day continue on thru Cumberland and up to Frostburg

The trip up from Judah's house to the river was part of the tricky part with minor issues with my setup. Once on the trail it was a relatively smooth ride. There weren't many stopping points so I crossed the river in Sheperdstown and had some lunch before continuing on to Williamsport where I stayed at the Hagerstown Red Roof Inn. In all I covered 108 miles. I was up and out reasonably early the next day and after stops in Hancock and Cumberland where the C&O trail ends and the GAP Trail begins on old rail beds. The final 16 miles was a "railroad grade" 1,500 feet up. Total 103 miles. Once in Frostburg the Gunter Hotel was not to be missed. I had pizza nearby and barred the door.

Link to 1st C&O Smugmug Album

A few miles up to the Mason Dixon line and the Big Savage Tunnel and then a return to DC

I decided I needed to get into Pennsylvania so I started Day 3 continuing up hill across the Mason Dixon line and through the "Big Savage" tunnel. Once thru I turned around and headed for the downhill section of my ride. 2,000 feet over 23 miles back to Cumberland. From there I returned to Williamsport and the Red Roof Inn. In all I cover 116 miles but it was the easiest day. The 4th day was harder than I thought because once I left the C&O Towpath I had to deal with the hills getting away from the Potomac River. This final 9 miles involved a number of walks which foreshadowed things to come out west.

Link to 2nd C&O Smugmug Album