2 weeks in Alaska

August, 2010

A family trip to Alaska 2010

Arriving in Anchorage and hiking around town

We flew all day thru Seattle and arrived in the evening.

We were picked up at the hotel in the afternoon and after stopping at the airport to pick up our new friends the Cullens we were on our way to Coopers Landing and the Kenai Riverside Lodge.Upon arriving there we had a nice cabin along the Kenai (?) river and saw the first of many bald eagles.

Cook Inlet from Anchorage
Sitting on the back deck of the Cooper River Lodge

Rafting to the Backcountry Lodge

Coopers Landing to Kenai Backcountry Lodge

In the morning we were up and out to start our rafting trip down the Kenai river and out into Skilak Lake. The rafting went smoothly until we entered the lake. We dropped the engine to motor across the lake but were heading right into the wind and waves.

Entering Skilak Lake and into the wind and waves
Our cabin for the next two nights

Hiking up a muddy path to overlook the Lake

A rainy day and ....

We had an overcast day for our hike up above the lodge. It was a couple hour hike up a slippery path. Once on top we had great views of the surrounding area and the lake we had crossed to get here. In the evening we took our kyacks on the lake and didnt get back until after dark.

At the top of the mountain behind Kenai Backcountry Lodge
Looking out onto Skilak Lake

Backcountry Lodge, Coopers Landing, Kenai Riverside Lodge

Salmon running and bears tales

Back across the lake (by motor boat) and up the Russian River. Hiking along the streams watching the salmon fight there way up a very large water fall. We saw the very manual fish counting process and had a nice conversation with the counter. We also hiked to an overlook and then back to Coopers Landing and the Backcountry Lodge.

Looking back onto Skilak Lake
Salmon climb these falls - amazing!!

Taking the Ferry to the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge

Ferrying along the Alaskan Coast to Kenai Fjords NP.

We drove from Coopers Landing to Seward where we caught a ferry to Aialk Bay and the Kenai Fjords NP. The Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge was our home for the next couple days. On the way we got great views of Sea Lions and Pufers and took a ride past a glacier at the end of Aialk Bay before heading to our cabins near Pedersen Lagoon.

Back porch at the lodge.
It doesn't look it but this glacier is over 2,000 ft high.

Hiking and Kyacking to get upclose to the Glaciers

Kyacking amid swimming bears and calving glaciers

During the day we took a hike off to the side of the lodge and saw some bear activity along the way. We then kayaked about 3 miles up to the glacier at the end of the bay where we had lunch. On the way back a bear swam across our path on it's way to an island in the bay. Further bear sightings came later in the day.

Lunch spot in front of the Glacier. Couldn’t get closer because we "might get squashed by a calfing glacier. Then about 30 minutes later a giant piece did fall off.
Glaicers in Pedersen Lagoon behind our lodge

Taking the long road to Talkeetna

A side route to car trouble on top of ...

After another layover night in Anchorage we rented a Ford Explorer and headed north toward Talkeetna. We decided to take a circutous route via an old mining town. After passing the mine we started off toward the west and the top of a pass thru the mountains. After stopping for a brief break the car died. It took some good samaritans, two phones, two tow trucks and about 4 hours to get us back on our way. We arrived in Talketna at sunset and had time for dinner. The foillowing day we explored a remote area called Trappers Creeek and the town of Talkeetna

During our adventures we saw all kind of marshes and glacier carved rivers and weird birds.
Denali was still a 100 miles away but we had a good view on the morning we left.

Cruise aboad the Columbia

Along the coast in Prince William Sound and up close to Glaciers

After dropping Kelly at the airport, Allie, Kathy and I were shuttled down to Whitter for our three night cruise around Price William sound. We spent the next day and a half cruising around seeing glaciers and some of the fishing

Our home for the end of our trip on the water.
All kinds of Eagles, Otters, Whales along the way.

2010-08-27 Cruising Prince William Sound

Cruise to Cordova and Kyacking amoung Glaciers

Our day in Cordova was a bit rainy but we took a rafting trip along the Copper River and after this headed back into Prince William Sound.

Ion our second morning we docked in Cordova and explored the town.
Our equipment was good so we rafted amoung floating glacier chucks up the Cooper River

Whales and more whales

Prince William Sound

This was the final day of our cruise and vacation. We had good weather and saw lots of whales.

A little chilly out oon deck. Lots of Glacier calfing

2 weeks in Alaska

This map shows a bit of an outline of the areas we went. The one below gives you a better sense of how big Alaska is and we were in only a tiny part.